5 Content Creation Options:

   1. Stock Digital Signage

   2. Professionally Designed Digital Sign Templates

   3. EZ-PageBuilder

   4. Real Time News and Weather

   5. Custom Designed Digital Signage.


   Coming up with content for digital signage is a snap with EZ-DigiSign.  There are five easy ways content can be established:

  Stock Digital Signage

   Our talented graphic artists have designed a wide variety of unique signs that are immediately available for use without any modification.  Professionally designed by our distinguished team of graphic artists, the pre-designed digital signage includes motivational quotes, holiday greetings, employee communication and much more.  These digital signs were specifically created to capture attention and display messages in vivid colors.

Included in Subscription

  Professionally Designed Templates

   Creating digital signage with professionally designed templates saves time and displays outstanding graphic artistry with the ability to modify areas of the template.  Starting with an EZ-DigiSign template, text and images are added to customize the template specific to the nature of the template.  Template layouts differ in nature and are designed with a specific function like a menu or job opening digital sign.
Included in Subscription

   EZ-PageBuilder Digital Signage

   When a unique message is required, an EZ-PageBuilder digital sign is the perfect solution.  Choosing from the many EZ-DigiSign backgrounds, EZ-DigiSign customers make their own digital signage.   The EZ-DigiSign backgrounds are colorful and alluring.  On top of the background, text and graphics can be added anywhere on the sign with EZ-PageBuilder, an easy-to-use online software that is an online software that builds digital signage. 

   Also, EZ-DigiSign customers who have the expertise in graphic design can also upload graphics created with third party software design software like Adobe PhotoShop.  Simply design the sign, convert the sign to a web compliant file format and upload using the EZ-DigiSign upload application.

Included in Subscription

  Real Time News and Weather

   Everyone is interested in the weather.  EZ-DigiSign customers have the option to add real time data feeds for weather, national news, and sports headlines.  All news and sports headlines are updated on the digital signs as soon as the news breaks.  Weather updates are continually updated and includes not only forecasts but also national weather radar images.

  Custom Design Services

   The EZ-DigiSign design staff produces high quality, graphic rich signs that are sure to grab attention.  Our professional staff of graphic artists produces custom designed digital signage that is unique, eye catching, and effective.  The EZ-DigiSign design team creates digital signage that communicates messages with the perfect blend of graphics, color and text.  When specific and professional signage is a must, the custom design service of EZ-DigiSign is a must.

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