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EZ-DigiSign Subscription
The EZ-DigiSign Subscription Service is a revolutionary online technology that provides outstanding digital signage service with ultimate security and control. Server and online software integration simplifies the technology requirements and eliminates the need for sophisticated technical knowledge.
  • Easily publish and update content across multiple screens or multiple locations using EZ-SignManager. Create and manage playlists, messages, and promotional inserts.
  • Quickly update content across all digital signage displays.
  • Design digital signage screen layouts and add content with the point-and-click Web tools.
  • Secure login for ultimate security and control.
  • Easy-to-use templates and media library for page creation.
  • Customize data feeds for weather and news headlines.
  • Server and online software integration simplifies the technology requirements.
  • Software upgrades are free, ongoing, and immediate without download.

The EZ-DigiSign subscription can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. An additional purchase here may not be necessary as most organizations already have a computer with Internet connection.

$50.00 One-Time Set-up   $24.95 Monthly
EZ-DigiSign Subscription
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EZ-DigiSign Subscription

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Design Services

The EZ-DigiSign design staff can produce high quality, graphic rich signs that are sure to grab attention.  Our professional staff of graphic artists produces custom designed digital signage that is unique, eye catching, and effective.  The EZ-DigiSign design team creates digital signage that communicates your message with the perfect blend of graphics, color and text.  When specific and professional signage is a must, the custom design service of EZ-DigiSign is a must.

EZ-DigiSign has a production staff that can produce high quality digital signage.   In cases where graphic production is wanted, we can provide the design service.

$65.00 Per Sign       single sign creative

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Production Services
Production Services
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