What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a new type of sign that displays messages either on LCD or plasma screen.

Instead of printing a single sign, a sequence of signs are displayed. Not only that, but you can display animation of movie clips!  The digital nature and movement of the signage draws attention and is proven more effective than traditional signs.

With the cost decrease of LCD and plasma screens, digital signs are now much more affordable to businesses and other organizations.  EZ-DigiSign has also developed technology that leverages the Internet to eliminate the expense of developing and maintaining computer networks.   Further saving is found with the EZ-DigiSign subscription service which eliminates the need to pay for multiple software licenses required to set-up digital signage with multiple players.

Why it's Catching On?

Digital signage is growing fast! It's interactive, and engaging! It's a great way to communicate with your customers or employees. Best of all, EZ-DigiSign makes it easy for anyone to make their own digital signs!

So what's the deal? Digital Signage, like any sign, helps you inform your customers. But unlike paper signs, digital signage rotates through a series of signs, and can include animation or video. The Color and movement help keep people interested. (of course, it's only as good as it's content). This dynamic form of signage helps to inform customers in places like waiting rooms, and reduces perceived wait time, because customers have something to focus on besides what they're waiting for...

Why Choose EZ-DigiSign?

EZ-DigiSign is competitively price, easy to use, and can be changed at any time, from anywhere!  Here's a few more reasons why EZ-DigiSign should be Your Digital Signage provider...


EZ-DigiSign is browser-based, which means there’s no extra software to install, and no special equipment to buy.  Just a computer, a screen, and an internet connection. Simple!

Remotely Operated

You can change your sign from your home, work, or across the world!  Just log-in from wherever you are, make your changes, and EZ-DigiSign will update automatically.

Centrally Controlled

You can have multiple signs attached to one account.  That means you can change all your signs at once, from one central location.  Learn About the Network »

Low Cost

Because there's no special equipment to buy, EZ-Digisign is inexpensive digital sign solution.  Other digital signage solutions cost thousands of dollars a year!
EZ-DigiSign is just $49.99/month.

Easy to Maintain

EZ-Digisign allows you to easily put up signs, and change details on the fly.
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What you need?

With the EZ-DigiSign technology, extensive networks and complicated software installations are a thing of the past. 

With EZ-DigiSign, all you need is the following: