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November 28, 2007

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EZ-NetTools Announces Digital Signage Products

As holiday shopping shifts into high gear, something new and unusual is grabbing the attention of shoppers.  With a little bit of movement and full of color and information, digital signs are catching the eye of consumers as they shop.

Digital signs, also termed “digital signage,” are a new form of advertising and a new vehicle for information dissemination.  Advertisers use digital signage to advertise products at the exact time people are deciding whether or not to purchase a product.  Other institutions use digital signage to give directions, post messages or display important information.

Today, EZ-NetTools announced their “easy” approach to digital signage.  The new EZ-NetTools product, called EZ-DigiSign, makes it easy to produce and maintain digital signage.  The EZ-DigiSign digital signs have many advantages over typical signs.  First, it is an affordable solution using the Internet to manage the signage.  Second, instead of being bound by a single sign, multiple signs rotate across the display.  The digital signage display is either a computer monitor, or an LCD television screen.  Third, the movement of digital signage captures and holds the attention of the people that see them.  When you can capture attention, people will see the advertising message or information, which is critical in a world that is bombarded with advertisements.  Lastly, the 12 years of experience EZ-NetTools has with their website solutions crosses over perfectly into digital signage products.  EZ-DigiSign uses technology that is tried and proven effective and reliable over time.

In the current holiday retail environment, consumers are finding more digital signs that are strategically placed to advertise products at the time of purchase or simply to bring attention to a product, like the display seen in the entrance of Sams Club that is a video of flames in a fireplace placed at the base of the bedroom set for sale.

Other applications for EZ-DigiSign include medical offices, clinics, hospitals, hotels, business lobbies, schools, sales floors and more.  The Rexburg Chamber of Commerce has already jumped on board.  Donna Benfield, Executive Director of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce states, “ the digital sign really works well for us.  It's like having another person at the front desk.  When we are busy, it (EZ-DigiSign) answers questions by providing information.  It also tells the weather and posts future chamber events.”  The key to success with digital signage is to place the signs in a common area where people will see it.  Benfield states, “it (EZ-DigiSign) gets attention the way that we have placed it and people are looking at it throughout the day.”

For more information about EZ-DigiSign or EZ-NetTools, please visit or contact Kip Nield at 208-356-8361.

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