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Bruce Eckman
Bruce Eckman - Founder & CEO


November 20, 2007

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EZ-NetTools Fans an Old Flame

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Nearly twenty years ago EZ-NetTools founder, Bruce Eckman, spawned an idea.  The idea was to produce signs that could be displayed throughout malls and other establishments through a network.  Since technology needed time to mature, the project was shelved.  “It was hard to shelf the project,” states Mr. Eckman who was very fond of the VidCube concept.  “The idea was simply ahead of the technology,” concluded Mr. Eckman.

Now, twenty years later, technology has improved and high-speed  Internet connectivity has become common in homes and businesses alike.  Coupled with the recent cost decrease of LCD screens, Mr. Eckman has decided the market was prime and it is time to fan the old “digital signage” flame.

Digital signage is a rapidly growing industry and EZ-NetTools announced today their new product called EZ-DigiSign.  True to the nature and mission of EZ-NetTools, EZ-DigiSign simplifies the process of producing digital signs.

EZ-DigiSign has several advantages over other digital sign providers.  One of the key advantages is that EZ-NetTools makes it easy.   Leveraging the Internet, EZ-DigiSign only requires three items; a display, a player, and a subscription to online software.  The display is usually an LCD screen or computer monitor.  The player is either the EZ-DigiSign player engineered by EZ-NetTools but a standard computer will also work.  The EZ-DigiSign online software was also developed by EZ-NetTools.

EZ-NetTools has been developing websites using similar online software and hosting combination since 1996.  This experience gives EZ-DigiSign a huge advantage since the system has been proven effective over the past 10 years.

Digital Signage has many uses and can be seen in retail establishments displaying advertisements, in public places providing instructions, and even in corporate settings to post company information from birthday announcements to sales numbers.     For more information about EZ-DigiSign, visit or call EZ-NetTools at 800-627-4780.

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