Multiple Account Activation Process

   When multiple subscription accounts are purchased, they lie dormant in the resellers "Member Account"  inventory until the account is activated for service.  Resellers earn residual income on as many EZ-DigiSign Member Accounts as are activated.  Accounts are activated and deactivated at the resellers discretion. 

Sample Earnings Worksheet
EZ-DigiSign Subscription Income

    Resellers earn income on the EZ-DigiSign Subscription services in two ways.  First, they make money on the set-up fee.  This is a one-time fee for the set-up of the subscription account.  There are price breaks when multiple accounts are purchased but they may also be purchased one at a time.

   The second way to make money on the subscription services is on the monthly service fees.  This is a residual income producing opportunity meaning it is earned each month.  Again, resellers buy wholesale and charge retail. 

EZ-DigiSign Subscription Fees 

Reseller Cost (Wholesale) Suggested Retail
Sign up $99.99 $149.99
Monthly $49.99 $74.99


EZ-DigiSign Player Income

EZ-DigiSign Resellers also earn income as they sell the EZ-DigiSign players.  Again, resellers purchase at wholesale pricing levels and sell at retail pricing levels.  

EZ-DigiSign Player Costs

  Reseller Cost (Wholesale) Retail MSRP
EZ-DigiSign Player $799.99 $999.99 $1299.99

There are no set price breaks for hardware but additional discounts may be available for quantity purchases.

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